Wednesday, October 28, 2015

"Christmasversary was amazing..."


A ton of stuff happened this week…I think… It’s hard to remember now.

We were going to leave for the temple at 6:40 this morning to do sealings with the guys next to us, but we missed our alarms and I woke up at 6:35, then freaked out and made my compañeros get up. I got ready in two minutes but they literally took twenty so I was mad, but we sprinted to the temple and got there in pretty good time. Sealings are my new favorite thing.

I’m not really bummed about being here for two weeks longer. I think it’ll be fun to have new companions for the last two weeks. When they called me to the secretary’s office I thought I was in trouble because I had been on YouTube (looking at church videos) so I was nervous but it was nothing. I guess they had my leave date for December 1st, which was ridic, so good thing they changed it. Then they just told me to get to know the Panama district because I’d be leaving with them, so I’ve been hanging out with them a bit and they’re super fun. And somehow all the guys who left for panama a couple weeks ago already know I’m here for two weeks longer. Don’t know how, but they emailed me about it.

We learned the first vision in Spanish this week! I’m still going to act like I don’t have it memorized though because it’s so awkward when they just recite it.

Oh and a funny story…On  Friday morning last week, I woke up at like 3:30 am to the sound of a jet engine in my room. And it was freaking loud and scary, so I just laid there frozen for like a minute before I realized that it was the sound of a vacuum, so I opened my door to see who it was and I see the entire older district running away up the hall. Then I realized the sound was coming from my room, so I went back in and under my bed wrapped up in a sheet was a vacuum turned on. And the vacuums here are just like the vacuums everywhere in the church. 50 years old and loud as heck. So I turned it off but I couldn’t figure out how they did it.

The "jet engine" in my room!

I tried to go back to bed but I kept thinking of how I was going to prank them back. So after an hour, I got back up and took my paracord to the other side of the hall where they live and tied their doorknobs together, because they’re in the corner, and then waited till the morning for them to wake up so I could see them trapped…and it was hilarious. They were stuck for like ten minutes before they could fit a knife out the door and cut it. Then they explained how they did the vacuum thing.

So we tape the lock on our door so we never have to unlock it, and earlier that day two of them hid the vacuum under my bed then turned it on, and switched the breaker off to the outlets in my room, so there was no power. Then at 3:30, they switched it back on and waited for me to come out- haha! It was so freaking funny. Elder Donaldson was super mad but Elder Clawson just didn’t care.

After that we had service, which is every Friday, and we’re assigned to our building so we basically just clean up our mess. Then we played volleyball after that, which was still the morning, so the sand was like frozen and nobody could feel their feet. But people suck less now so it’s fun.

Elder Clawson had his dad send us ugly ties, so I took mine and cut the back and flattened it out, so now it’s the fattest tie you’ve ever seen… like 10 inches wide. It’s hideous so I refuse to wear it, but it’s funny.

My big fat ugly tie!

Sunday was “Christmasversary!” We celebrate it every 25th of the month. We had church first, though, and I had to go to another branch presidency meeting, and the second I walked in I had to go to the bathroom super bad, but It was too late. Then the meeting went for an hour and a half, so when it was finally over I had to walk so slowly to the bathroom. Took me like five minutes to go twenty feet up the hall.

At night we celebrated. My companions and I are in possession of the “Christmasversary” tree and we didn’t know what to do so I just put it out in the hall and went around to everyone’s rooms and told them to put something underneath it. It was loaded with stuff. We sang Christmas songs for like twenty minutes and it was awesome. Then I decided Elder Hall would be Santa and he had to distribute everything. I got a Poem written by Elder Winsor and a little picture cutout of Elder Hewitt, who’s kind of new. So “Christmasversary” was amazing.

Elder Neil L. Anderson spoke at the devotional last night and it was super good. One of the first I stayed awake for the whole time. He made the analogy that trees that grow in windy places are much stronger, so the hard times that we have are just to make us stronger and more prepared. Like I can now sit mostly still for four hours and I know how to study. So that’s good.

And last, the other night we were in our classrooms, kind of studying, and my companion said there was someone in the hall he was talking to from the San Fernando Valley. So I came out and started talking to him and it turns out he’s in the El Camino branch! I didn’t know him because he didn’t go on trek, but I knew all his friends. His name is Elder Lorenzo and he’s going to Kansas.

Me and Elder Lorenzo

That’s it for now.

Bye love y’all!
Elder Green

P.S.- Kyle and Jacob’s mission calls are sick!!! I knew they would get to go stateside. It’s a bummer that I will miss them by just a week.

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