Wednesday, November 4, 2015

"I’ve decided my Spanish is good enough, so I’m learning Tongan..."

Hey y’all!

This week was one of the most fun and definitely the saddest yet.

It’s our new tradition that whenever a district leaves we have a White Elephant tie exchange. Remember this name because I might have a tie company someday and that’s what I’ll name it. We all choose our crappy ties and wrap them up with whatever we can find, then open, and steal, and whatnot. I stuffed my brown and blue striped tie that I found on the side of the road long ago into a roll of toilet paper. It was super fun.

White Elephant tie exchange.

The sad part was the district that came a week before us (aka “our new best friends”) left! All of them went to Argentina except for two who went to Ecuador. They passed down a few things that night to us like a bacon slicer and the tree of chastity. I literally didn’t sleep that entire night, like I never even got in bed. I was going to the travel office with Elder Roberts and Prestwich, the two going to Ecuador, at 2:00 in the morning, so I just wandered around the dorm and talked to people until then, and then for several hours after that until it was morning. It was a sad morning. I shed several tears. We talked our teacher into letting us out of class at 8:30 to say goodbye to the rest of them. The MTC is like empty now! Probably because there were like 100 people who left for Argentina but also because I like hung out with these guys 24/7. We’re getting like ten new guys today, so it’s okay. We already got a new one yesterday. His name is Elder Grey and he’s from American Samoa…and he’s super cool.

Travel Office at 2:00 AM to send off our friends...

Also, I’ve decided my Spanish is good enough so I’m learning Tongan with the help of Elder Kaufusi and all my new Tongan friends. I’m basically fluent in saying hi to people now. It’s super fun! I’m going there as soon as I’m back from Panama, no doubt.

That’s it for this week. I’m becoming a solo missionary when my companions leave on Monday, but I still have to be with other people all the time, so it means nothing. I’ll have been through five companionship's by the time I’m out of here.

A few little drawings I made.

My teacher said that I had to cut off my face so that the girls would stop talking to me.


Elder Green

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