Monday, November 30, 2015

"Next letter will be from Panama...finally!"

It's Christmastime at the MTC!

This will probably be my last email before I leave. I get to the train station at like 5 tomorrow morning, so expect a call between 6 and 9.

This week has been super fun. Heck of a lot of passing of things down. I finally was able to pass down the “Orb of Light” which is near about the size of my head now.  Thanksgiving was awesome too, best food I’ve had here yet…then lots of sleeping on the floor afterwards. Drinking eggnog is naturally just a bad mistake after eating as much food as I did.

Sleeping off too much Thanksgiving dinner.

My last "Passing Down"

We also had in-field orientation, which they tell you isn’t as bad as you think it is, but is definitely as bad as you think it is. You sit in a giant room and one guy talks, then you break off into different smaller rooms and another guy talks, then you go back. Also I was tired as flip which makes everything difficult… like breathing. I get so tired here I forget to breathe. I did meet a girl, there, who grew up in Panama! She said you can’t leave your windows or doors open for long or giant snakes and monkeys and wild dogs get in your house—ha-ha—so I am stoked for that.

This is Dr. Wooley. He's the missionary health and safety guy
and says we should "carry a small bar of soap with us at all times".

Yesterday I had to speak in sacrament meeting. I made it nine weeks without having to do it but we had a traveling branch councilor there and he asked me at the pulpit if I had given one yet so I couldn’t lie. I didn’t really have anything planned so I just ‘wung it’... Winged it? I don’t know. But it was good. I felt like a freaking foreign person though because I like couldn’t speak English. I’m too used to saying church words in Spanish, so now I have to translate back.

After sacrament, me and Elder Farley were out shredding because it’s been snowing like heck. So we were running and jumping onto these metal tables and sliding across. Super fun, until I jumped on this one that had ice underneath the snow, and I gripped up and fell off the table onto my face super hard ha-ha-ha. So, my face was fine but I cut the palm of my hand really bad and I was soaking wet so I had to go back and change. So freaking funny. First time I’ve felt the pain of eating it in a while, but it reminded me of skating, so it was kind of a thrill. Then we went to the temple and ran and slid down the giant hill in the back. Literally got a crowd watching us because we were killin’ it. So going to miss this snow.

Been up since two dropping of Farley and Rogers for Ecuador and saying goodbye to more Costa Rican friends. I’m pretty close to being done packing so this is going to be an easy day, except I’m still super beat from that fall. And, I’ve had a cold the last few days, but I totally prayed it away, so I am ready.

I’m not really nervous about leaving…I have a super fun group and we’re all friends so I feel good. Our plan is to get Jamba and Krispy Kreme for breakfast at SLC, then Panda for lunch in Atlanta. And, also bring Panda on the plane. (We all really miss Panda.)

Next letter will be from Panama…finally!

Our final selfies in our favorite classroom with a mirror
Of course I couldn't resist filling a toilet with snow...

A Christmas gift for my two new favorite elders...a banana in shaving cream!

Love y’all!

Elder Green

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