Wednesday, November 18, 2015

"Va a recibir bendiciones"

Okay, so yeah I guess you heard before I did, but one more week...added onto the the other two. (Taylor's Mission President will be at a conference the week of the 23rd, so the missionaries will not be going to Panama until December 1st now, so that he can receive them. That makes 9 weeks in the MTC for Taylor.) I'm not really bummed, I feel like I had been expecting that anyway. It's just kinda funny. I like it here, though, so I can do a while longer.

This week only two people left but they were like my two favorite people! Hermana Hulme, the last one from my district and solo sticker buddy, and Kaufusi. Monday morning a couple of us got up at 3:00 to walk with Hulme and it was raining like heck outside. I helped this one girl with her bags and totally spoke like solid Tongan with her. Seriously so fun. After that we went back and played Tenzi and ate hot pockets for like an hour. At 4:30 we had to go wake up Kaufusi and everyone. They slept through their alarms- haha- that would have been a disaster. By that time it started snowing! So we were running around outside until he was ready to go then we took him to the travel office and all the Hermanas met us there. It could have been sadder but I think I'm used to it by now.

My preferred pose for the more smiles.

That was like the longest day here so far. I've been keeping my old room because nobody's moved into it yet, so we've been having slumber parties there. We have a pile of mattresses in the perfect napping position, so we all just went in there and like knocked out all through breakfast until class started. More Tenzi too!  It always reminds me of the Hanson's.

Slumber Party!

Later that day Elder Tolman had a doctors appointment, which we got to leave campus for! Literally like 100 feet up the street to the clinic to pick up his prescription. But as we walked back, it was weird. I felt like I was actually a missionary and like super vulnerable because if somebody asked me a question I'd like have to talk to them. We were only walking through the Wyview apartments though, so I think I was pretty safe. I don't think I know how to teach in anything but Spanish. It's so much easier because all you say is "Va a recibir bendiciones". (You will receive blessings.)

You're going to think this is weird, but yesterday Elder Hewitt and I did a hot chocolate cleanse, for our happiness. We partook of nothing but hot chocolate at every meal, and it was hard, but after the last cup of the cleanse, that's when it hits you. It's just extreme giddiness and laughter from that point forward. Literally I cannot even explain. We just laughed at everything and spoke so eloquently. Literally insane. It still makes no sense to me.

Kim B. Clark spoke last night and it was awesome. He looks kinda like Brother Merrill so that's all I could think of the entire time I was awake...It has been a tired week. He spoke a lot about how the Lord will guide you where you need to go and in what you need to say, so there's like nothing to worry about when I get to Panama...right?

Also watch the 1980's version of Johnny Lingo on, its awesome.

This is our other favorite video. We watch it like five times a day.

My Band..."The Last Supper"

Keep walking Fitz and feeding Little Foot. I miss them so much.

Love y'all!

Elder Green

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