Tuesday, November 24, 2015

"I’m gonna pack early and just wear the same outfit for a week so I’ll be ready..."


Super jealous that you’re going to Carp for Thanksgiving. That last time was fun when Diego realized his love for raccoons and had a shirt made and everything!

We got new guys this past week!! The zone has been super empty, for a while, but all the rooms in our hall our filled again and it’s freaking fun. There’s two new districts and they both have my two favorite teachers, Hermano Figueroa and Hermana Boza, nativos.

They call me Abuelo because I’ve literally been here forever. I’m a legend here f'real. Like people come up to me occasionally and ask if I’m Elder Green.

Anyways, it was our Branch President and his wife's last Sunday this week, before they got released. The Doman's are awesome, I’m glad I’m outta here soon too. I think I can say I’m their fav because I’ve been in their last 4 departing districts. We had a meeting with them in the morning and for the opening hymn we watched and sang along to that Emily Brown "I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus" video I sent you. Then later I taught priesthood and we did it again. We literally love that video so much. I’m playing it out loud in the computer lab right now. It’s our zone video now. I showed it to all the new classes and it is now a common thing to hear it coming from multiple classrooms during study time.

Our new Branch President served in Sao Paulo and has only ever been over Portuguese zones here, but he seems cool.

After church we always walk around the temple, and this time me and some guys just went looking for hispanohablantes (Spanish speakers) to practice our Spanish on, and I found two sisters going to Panama! They literally thought they were alone here, like everyone that gets called there—haha-- so they were super stoked. They’ve only been here a week so I won’t see them there for a month…or two if they get lucky like me.

Monday morning the district I’ve been in peaced out which was a bummer. They went to New York, Dallas, Redlands, San Jose, and Bakersfield. So, that means I get to change rooms again! I’m moving in with Elder Rogers and Farley who are dope and both going to Ecuador. This will be my 3rd room, 4th district, and 5th companionship since I’ve been here. But my ‘solo sticker’ lets me do whatever I want so lately I’ve been bouncin around to whichever district has study time or wants me to go teach a lesson with them.

Also Carrie is my favorite aunt. She sent me a box of 12 different types of Clif Bars this week. Literally opened it a little after looking at a picture of the Clif Bars that were stolen by seagulls on Catalina this summer. Literally it’s a miracle that Scotty, SCODE, and I are alive.

I’m gonna pack early and just wear the same outfit for a week so I’ll be ready.

Love y’all.


Elder Green

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