Wednesday, October 7, 2015

"The days are SOOO LONG...I think I might die!"


My P-day is Wednesday and I hate it because it means that I have to do laundry. It feels like a super crowded laundromat in here. We did get to go to the temple super early this morning, which was cool, though. It’s tiny here, especially compared to Los Angeles.

My district is super small because they kind of put it together last minute…just three Elders and two sets of Hermana’s. Four of them were supposed to go to the Mexico MTC but they had visa issues, so they’re here, and one came from beginner Spanish and I came from advanced, so they still don’t really have record of us. Ha-ha. My zone is really cool, though. We hang out a lot before we go to bed. Basically we just do a bunch of pull ups and sometimes wrestle or throw plungers at each other, which is really fun. There are five other guys going to Panamá in my zone, who I would have left with if I was still leaving in a week. Once they leave, I’ll be the only one going there…kind of a bummer. One of them is literally like my best friend now, because he’s exactly like Walker…like down to his socks. Everything’s the same. We hang out a lot…his name is Elder Lefler and he’s from Indiana.

Some of my classmates...

Walking around the MTC grounds pointing at things and saying them in Spanish.

The days are SOOO LONG… literally they feel like a week. Classes are four hours…sometimes I think I might die. Also, it feels a little like a prison camp because you’re always under a ceiling. There are covers over all the walkways. Sometimes we go to the front and just stare at the mountains. They are so big.

The food here is really good. I don’t think I’ve drank any water since getting here…just a ton of juice. Also I’ve only eaten meat, or wraps. which I found out is like a cold salad burrito. I eat plenty, but have still lost like two pounds because I run a lot and do like a thousand pull ups every day.

One of the best things about this week was General Conference. My favorite talk was from Elder Keetch on Sunday afternoon. He talked about the surfers and the barrier and the sharks. I think I probably liked it most because of the story, but it was a good message about keeping the commandments. The other one I liked was Elder Anderson’s from the Priesthood session. He talked about a guy who was on his mission when his family died back home in a plane crash. He decided to stay on his mission. He knew that was what his parents would want and he had faith that he would see them again.

Another cool thing that happened was a Hermana in my district asked me to give her a blessing, earlier this week, because she was having a hard time. I was super nervous but I did it and it was really good.

Love y’all,

Elder Green

Elder Green #1, "Little Rory", and Elder Green #2.

3 of the Elder Green's in the MTC...I think I know of 5 so far.

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