Wednesday, October 21, 2015

"My desire to watch the Hannah Montana Movie is stronger than ever!"


First of all…please tell the Young Women thanks for the letters they sent me. And tell Kate and Jolie that the little sailboats and mountain waves they drew were exactly identical to mine. I thought that I had done them myself.

Elder Kaufusi, from Rancho Cucamonga, is going to El Salvador...he is teaching me Tongan.

The weeks are going freaking fast now. We got a new district last week and they’re super cool. A few of them are going to New York, two to Texas, and one of them to El Salvador. I think we’re getting another group in today so I’m stoked for that. Oh, and I am a District Leader now. It doesn’t really mean anything, except that I have to go to meetings on Sundays and I pick up the mail.

I’ve been talking to Elder Lefler, who’s been In Panama for a week now. He sent a few pictures and where he is right now looks super ghetto, but we already decided were going to be companions on San Blas which is siiiick!

I found another district going to Panama! They’re on the other side of the building from our class and there are five of them. There is also one more guy, on his own, at the end of the hall. Their teacher said that it’s kind of weird that there’s so many of us here right now because they don’t send a lot of people there.

Attempting a roasted marshmallow...

We taught another member TRC this week which actually went well. The first one was an old white guy who had been a professor at BYU, and he was awesome. He got super excited when I said I was going to Panama because he had been a district president, or something, there for a few years like 40 years ago. He had a photo album with him from when he was there and it looks awesome. He basically said that I better get good at Spanish here because it’s super different down there, with 12 distinctly different native languages that I’ll have to learn. Sketch! But he showed us pictures of the natives and they literally just look like Native Americans. Like 100% Lamanite. Super crazy. I think if I’m on the islands I will get to wear shorts which would be awesome.

In class we usually only speak Spanish, especially when we’re learning how to teach lessons. They’re still super long and I still feel like I’m going to die, but they’re better than in the beginning. Study time is freaking fun though, as usual.

We’ve been playing a heck of a lot of sand volleyball lately because we get to go out to the field. We play with the other district that came in the same time as us because they’re cool and really big. I used to think volleyball was a girls sport but girls aren’t good at it and I’m freaking awesome…so it is now a boys sport. (I can think of a few girls that would disagree…)

My companion Elder Clawson was sick yesterday morning so we stayed in our room for the first four hour class of the day while he slept. I tried to study but fell asleep at my desk, then started adding rubber bands to the Orb of Light, and then threw it around the halls. We like to drop it from the fourth floor of our building between the rails because it’s super narrow and awesome. We did that for like an hour last night until the Chinese speaking elders yelled at us.

Poor Elder Clawson

Don’t know what we’re going to do for Halloween here. Probably just stay up later than we usually do and scare people.

Oh also we were watching a ‘Mormom Message’ in class the other day and Kate was totally in it. It was the one that was filmed at that kid’s party out in Palmdale or something. Anyways it was super funny to see her. She was dancing awkwardly.

That’s it for this week, except that this morning at the temple we did initiatories and I did a bunch of Green’s from England which was cool…and some Indians.

Provo Temple

Also my desire to watch the Hannah Montana Movie is stronger than ever.


Elder Green

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