Thursday, October 1, 2015

"I no aspeaka da Spanish!"

Just a quick email to let you know that I am staying here for 6 weeks (instead of 2) now because the people in the advanced class "no aspeaka da English" and I "no aspeaka da Spanish." They literally spoke NO English, and I couldn't even talk to my companion, so basically I sat in there confused until they switched me to the intermediate class. Now I'm in a trio- I don't know what they call it- but I've got two companions. Elder Clawson is from Washington and Elder Donaldson is from Arizona. We all like trucks, so that's sick! Donaldson is even more obsessed with Ford than me and he drives a Powerstroke.

My companions, Elder Clawson (L) and Elder Donaldson (R), before our room got messy.

Yesterday, we missed one of our big classes because my compañeros and I were busy switching rooms, since we had all come from different classes in the beginning. When we finally got there they said we needed our notebooks and by the time we got back to our dorm we decided it was too late to go. Then half an hour later we found out that the class was two hours long so thank freaking goodness we missed that!

Also...two of my zone leaders are going to Panamá and they also didn't know that Panamá I'm not alone.

Love y'all,
Elder Green

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