Monday, March 27, 2017

Revelation 14:2


Had a juicy week.

On Tuesday, we had a conference with President in the city in which I learned many things and got excited for many more. On the way there I was looking out the window and all of a sudden I didn't recognize anything and realized we took the wrong bus. But we stayed on a while longer until I did recognize something and we got off and walked a couple miles to Panama Viejo  and took a bus through there which was a hoot. Haven't been there in over a year, but nothing has changed. Same old men sitting out front of their houses like they haven't moved. Two of the original Panama Viejo Carti squad took the same bus as us, and I was happy happy.

What I got most out of the conference was the part I play individually in reaching this year's goal for baptisms in the mission, which is 1017. It's easy to think that even if we don't have baptisms somebody else will have more to fill in for us. But if we got to the end of the year and we missed the goal by 2 it could have been because we didn't work harder in our area. So we've started working really hard on finding new investigators.

That night we were just getting to a family home evening when the power in almost all of Panama went out. Twas fun because it was pitch dark everywhere and we could almost not even see where we were going. So we bought a bunch of matches and went around visiting people we thought would need them and totally saved like two families.

On Thursday, two missionaries from the ward, who were serving in Guatemala, got home as well. Super solid guys and one of them just got called as our new ward mission leader. We had an activity on Friday for them and brought our investigator friends Heidi and Rosaline, who were super stoked to help with everything. They don't want to get baptized but they're always asking about the activities... haha.

We also had interviews with President this week in which he gave me a special assignment. He said that some missionaries in the zone asked what they do when they find Kunas that really want to listen but don't speak Spanish. So he said that when that happens they can call me and I can go with them to teach them. My Dule has been dwindling however! Super sketched on losing it so I talk to myself in Dule all the time. Still remember all the names of fish, however.

And turns out I have 4 changes left after this one! The math does not add up but President says so. Keep praying for me to go back out to Blas! It is the only desire of my heart.

Love you all!

The pics I sent were of all my shoes, my zone leader Elder Herrerra of Honduras, and the bounteous mango trees behind Roldan's house where we always have our lessons.



Elder Green

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