Monday, March 6, 2017

"...Padre Celestial always pays us back with something better."


First week of the new change was alright.

I don't have many highlights but we did have a few miracles this week.

On Tuesday, we were leaving from a zone meeting to this really busy bus station, called 24 de Diciembre, and I saw a Kuna fam I recognized from Tikantiki, so I ran up to talk to them. They don't speak any Spanish but they said they had moved to Tocumen like 2 months ago and didn't know where the church was so they hadn't been since. I got their number and address to give to the Elders there to visit them.

And today we went to buy groceries at a store we usually don't go to. As we were checking out, the lady at the cajero asked us where the church was here. She said she's a member from Bocas del Toro and hadn't been in a couple years because she didn't know where it was either.

There's a scripture in Doctrina and Convenios, somewhere, that says that there are people kept from the truth only because they know not where to find it. And that doesn't only apply to people who aren't members of the church but also those who are members and move from one side of the country to the other and don't know where the chapel is.

We also got a reference from a family in the stake for their mother who lives in our area, so we went to visit her the other night with our ward mission leader. She was super stoked that we came by and invited us in. She said that she's a Mormona seca, or a "dry Mormon," because she loves the church and everything but has never been baptized. Nor does she want to be because she's Catholica. But she knows basically everything about the church and invited us over for lunch today and to have a family home evening this week where she's going to invite her neighbors, so we can baptize them...haha!

Other than that we finally got our investigator Roldan to church yesterday. He's the guy who called us over to talk to him when we passed in front of his house a couple weeks ago. He lives right by the Bishop and they already knew each other so we visited with him and Bishop offered to pick him up for church, which he really liked. When the Bishop dropped him off he found out he's had a super hard time because he lives alone and is kinda sick and can't work a lot and basically has no food in his house. So in the evening, us and some of the young men drove around to all the houses of members to collect food for the "Bishops storehouse?" I think that's what it's called. We got a lot of rice and coconuts and what not and we all went to bring it to him. He was super surprised and super thankful and almost couldn't talk. And we didn't put the baptismal date yet but were gonna baptize him on Sunday.

Spiritual thought this week is that we should always look for opportunities to help people whether they're big or small, for members or nonmembers. And not to worry about spending our time or money in doing so, because Padre Celestial always pays us back with something better.

Make sure when you go up to Washington that you section off my acre of the land that's left.
And tell everyone I love them!

Elder Green

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