Monday, March 13, 2017

"The elder that baptized me was named Elder Green."

The trees are loaded with mangos.


This week was pretty full and exciting. All the niños are back in school so the streets are loaded with little children walking to school all the time.

On Wednesday, this week, we had a mission conference with Elder Gay of the Setenta. Also got to see some buds like Elder Ricks and Hancock, and a bunch of people I've never seen before. Didn't realize I had so much time in the mission. But it was a super good conference in which I learned many things. He mostly focused on how missionary work is revelatory work, because if we don't do it with the Spirit we aren't really doing anything.

The next day we started at 10 and asked to have the Spirit guide us to some new houses and decided to go to a place called 3 de Mayo, which has a lot of little dead end streets. We made a goal to contact at least one house on every one. Found some solid people, then an inactive member, then an old guy form Cocle whose daughter is also an inactive member, then at the end of one of the longer streets we walked up to a house with the entire family outside and I said "Hola soy Elder Green". And this lady's eyes got super wide and she said, "The elder that baptized me was named Elder Green". Yet another 2 inactive members. It was a mother and her daughter who both have a mountain of unbaptized children and haven't been to church in 11 years. It was funny to talk to them because they remember all the members and hymns and what not, but said they left they church like a year after getting baptized because they didn't understand baptisms for the dead. But we explained it and now they want to go back to church. The mother said "1 year in the church and I stopped gambling, and smoking, and being an alcoholic, and lots of other things, and 11 years out of the church and I've accomplished nothing". And I kinda doubt the elder that baptized them was actually named Elder Green because nobody can say my name...but it was probably something close.

We've also started to go out on visits with some of the youngsters in the ward which has been super fun. Our new incentive is that we buy smoothies for those who go out with us, and we're gonna make a board of pictures of everyone that goes.

Enjoying our smoothies while we tract.

About my hammocks...nearly every night I enter one, and wake up in the other, or in my bed. Or start in my bed and wake up in my hammock. Always freaks me out. I don't know how it happens.

Spiritual thought this week comes from the Parabóla of the Sower. There are those that hear the word and share it 100 fold, 60 fold and 30 fold. There are those who hear it but get offended or don't understand something and leave. And there are those who believe but the cares of the world get in the way. But there are also those who believe in the word and stay in the church but don't do anything. Everyone needs to help in some way.

Love you!

Elder Green

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