Monday, March 20, 2017

" he didn't have an excuse."


This week was alright. I don't have a lot to say, but I've got a few stories...

On Friday, we had planned to have an activity for the whole ward where people could bring their friends who weren't members and it would be fun. But we didn't really plan it, we just had the idea and they announced it. But it was gonna be cool and we went on splits with some kids in the ward the day of to go around Mañanitas and invite everyone. Literally went to every house of people we knew, then went and bought food. Not a ton of people showed up but it was still fun. We ended up just playing volleyball for like 2 hours. And some investigators that we met this last week, that live right by the church, came. First just two of the girls who we taught once, but then they went back and brought their sister and their mom whose birthday was that day. I felt bad that she had a boring birthday so I invited us over the next day and we brought a birthday cake and had a party with them and now were best friends...haha.

Saturday night, we went to visit Roldan one last time before his baptism on Sunday. And he said he could make it to the baptism but he couldn't come to church because he had to get his hair cut and iron his clothes. So we went to his house at 7 in the morning, before church, to cut his hair and iron his he didn't have an excuse. That was only the third time I've cut someone else's hair and he didn't care how it looked, so it was easy.

And the baptisms went really well. Lots of people stayed after church for it. Elder Bàmaca baptized him and I helped lift him out of the water because he is a gordo. That's why were both dressed in white in the picture.

Not a lot else happened this week. Sounds like you had fun in Elk. I am not really looking forward to coming home in a few months.

Anyways love you!

Elder Green

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