Monday, February 27, 2017

"Everyone’s telling us to stay inside because people like to throw water and eggs..."


So Carnavales has begun and our area has been pretty empty… but there is still a lot of partying going on. Everyone’s telling us to stay inside because people like to throw water and eggs, but we’ve only gotten sprayed with a hose twice. Once by a little girl, and another time by a guy who asked if he could spray us. I wish they’d spray us more because the heat is unreal. The fans are just blowing hot air.

Elder Bamaca and I getting ready for the baptism.

But yes, we had a baptism on Saturday! David is like 15 and he lives pretty close to the chapel here but he’s been going to another ward with some friends for a little over a month and we’ve been visiting him for the last 3 weeks. We wanted him to start going to church here, but we figured if he’s already comfortable in the other ward then we might as well baptize him there. It was a not-so-stressful baptism. Started right on time…as planned…only an hour and a half late!

We got the transfer call last night and for the first time ever I’ll be staying in the same area with the same companion. Feels weird but I’m stoked. Elder Bamaca has been doing really well, although despite many very serious talks about walking far behind, he still struggles to keep up.

Other than that, we almost had a baptism in 6 days. Since we only need 1 assistence to church before baptism now, President said if we could get them ready in just a couple days then we could have the baptism. We’d been teaching this lady and her daughter, Celia and Marioles, and on Tuesday we invited them to get baptized on Sunday. They really thought about it a while then said ‘yes.’ But a relative of theirs died and they had to go to Chiriquí, so it didn’t happen. Bummer, but maybe next week.

For P-day, today, we went with some friends to the swimming hole to go fishing. Got some less active guys to come too. We caught two fish in like 30 seconds and then none afterward. We explored up the river for like 2 hours and started a fire and had a hoot. 

Spiritual thought for this week is about oración (prayer). I read in the Liahona about how we can prepare for our nightly prayers by making a list of things we’re thankful for and such. So, I wrote down the names of many people… all of my converts and frennes…and a special blessing to ask for. My next area will probably be my last so I have “get sent out to Blas (San Blas Islands) again” on there. Anyways, doing this has made me think a lot more about the things I want to talk about with my Padre Celestial.

Wick that Kate and Dad jumped out of a plane! And I am not afraid of heights, I could do that easy.

Love you all!
Tengan una semana pretty loco!

Elder Green

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