Monday, April 3, 2017

"I'm pretty sure this is my last week in Mañanitas."


This week was super slow but this weekend was super good.

To answer your questions, yes its always green here but a few days after it rains it like doubles in greenness. And its started to rain these past few days and all the plants have grown like a foot.

And conference was super good. Had to watch half of the first session on a tablet with the the microphone next to the speaker but after that it was good. I don't remember who was my favorite speaker but I definitely liked Presidente Monson's from the priesthood session. It was short and direct on how we need to be nice people. And Elder Oaks' talk on Sunday about how Padre Celestial and Jesus and the Espiritu Santo are three different beings. I wish people here would understand that.

For the morning session on Sunday we brought one of the families from Carti in our area to watch and they enjoyed it. And saw some other friends from Carti! They can usually watch conference on the island but the school is en panga right now and they haven't finished building the school so some of the people have come in to Panama to live with their other family members to go to school for now.

I did, however, get super sick during the second session yesterday. Don't know why but I felt like death and woke up today feeling worse. But like I've said before, you just have to pretend you're not sick and it goes away faster. And we accidentally planned lots of lessons for today so we haven't had much of a P-day yet.

 Also yesterday we looked out at one of the hills in the Invasion, the little pueblo where people make all the houses of scraps and wood and what not, and it looked like all the houses had fallen over. And we thought it was because of the rain so today we went there to see if we could help but the little log bridge across the river was destroyed and there was a fence put up around the place. And all the people that lived there were set up along the side of the river under shelters of whatever wood they could grab. So we went looking for some of our friends there and they said that like 3 days ago like hundreds of police showed up without notice with tractors and guns and started destroying everything. I guess they were all living there illegally but they've been there like a year and had water and power lines running through there. Anyways, they made them all leave and didn't let them take any of their stuff so now they're all squatting on the other side of the river with nowhere to go. Super sad and we have no idea how to help, but the people were all super thankful that we came to visit. We will figure something out.

I'm pretty sure this is my last week in Mañanitas and I'm kinda ready to go, but twill be a bummer indeed. Still praying to go back out to my juicy Kuna Yala home.

Love y'all!

Elder Green

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