Monday, April 10, 2017

"An dudamar sate Bab dummad anmar mandarsasokali biali anmar doggus gwenadgan pentakoe."


Yes, I have cambios (changes) and I'm already in my new area. Only took a couple of hours to get here. This place has been on my list of places I've wanted to go since the beginning of my mission. It's called Veracruz and it's just on the other side of the canal from the city. I'm at the beach again and there are mountains and Kunas everywhere. Literally so stoked to be here.

My comps name is Elder Guillen of Honduras, whom I replaced in Mañanitas. He's like 26 and super solid.

And the house here is wick. Kinda small but super nice. We spent most of today pasearing (?) with a family from Carti and I've already lost our phone somewhere. Pray that we find it or this will be the fourth one I have lost or broken.

This last week in Mañanitas was juicy. We put a lot of baptismal dates for people that'll be baptized this next change no doubt. One of which was a referral we got from the Mexico City Temple Visitors Center. They called us and told us of a lady they had talked to on the church website and we set up a cita with her to teach her in a park by her house. She was super stoked about everything we taught about the restauracion and tithing and what not.

On Sunday, we had it set up to have bucco people in church. We did divisions with some jovenes in the morning to go pick people up from their houses to go to church. But dogs and drunk people ruined everything the night before and we only got 3 people to come. But later a family that's been inactive for like 3 years, who we visited once, llegared to church. We were super surprised and now we have two more baptisms from that family.

The people of the invasion are still set up along the river but they're doing better than before. We kept visiting there and found some members from years ago that we didn't know about.

Anyways I don't have much else to say. Elder Bámaca is with one of my buddies Elder Hamblin now.

Spiritual thought! The Señor knows exactly where we should be. I'm not in San Blas, but I'm in a little branch full of Kunas nonetheless.

 I took a taxi to the city this morning with an Elder who spent 18 months as a missionary in Guatemala and was reassigned to Panama. An dudamar sate Bab dummad anmar mandarsasokali biali anmar doggus gwenadgan pentakoe. ( I have no doubt that Padre Celestial will send us where there are lots of families to bless.)

And yes I am still District Leader. I have to take a little bus to the city every week for meetings.

Love you all!

Elder Green

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