Monday, December 5, 2016

"The sun has been legit fire."

Yes, that is a crocodile!

Hey y'all!

So this week was nuts but I'll just tell the highlights.

The sun has been legit fire. Like unreally hot. The other day we went to an investigator Ana´s house, who had invited us over for lunch, and I had gotten hecka sick. Like I could almost hardly walk. Got there, starting barfing, passed out on the table, barfed some more. Passed out again. Then died. We were there for like two hours but still managed to teach a lesson and I struggled to eat afterwards but did it. Then she called her husband to come by to drive us home. That was a hectic day.

We had the baptism later that night for Carlos and Fula. She's not in the picture because she refuses to take pictures, but she's his 20 year old daughter that's been super hard to get to church but we finally did it. We went walking to pick them up and we were gonna get a taxi to take them and the rest of the family that wanted to go, then our best friend Vidal who's a kinda an inactive guy in the ward and taxi driver who always shows up when we need to get somewhere fast and don't have money, showed up and took them. Some Elders from another ward had a baptism at the same time so we combined with them. I was surprised at how smoothly everything was going because usually baptisms are hecka stressful but I realized this was like the third attempt at this and it was finally happening. It was awesome though and we confirmed them all yesterday.

Baptism of Carlos and Fula in Arraijan.

I guess we're supposed to be doing this Light of the World thing but we don't get anything from the office here so I still don't know about it. We've been waiting on Libros de Mormon for like the entire change.

Also changes! I took pictures with lots of people yesterday in case I was leaving, which I didn't think I was...but I am! Already in my new area actually. It's in Tocumen on the other side of the city, in a place called Mañanitas, or 'Early mornings.' I was soooo bummed because I really didn't want to leave all my Kuna friends and I thought this place was the city, but it's legit. It's basically a ghetto built on a mountain. It's pure hills and trees everywhere and we live in a big ol apartment with some Jamaican neighbors. My comp is Elder Hancock who's from like San Diego. And there's lots of Kunas and Ngobes here so I'm wicked stoked.



Ngobe family Miranada

Our neighbors in Arraijan, Los Granado. The husband is from Carti Suidup.

Literally haven't had an area yet in which I haven't reactivated and baptized a family from Carti Tupile so I'm starting looking for one today. Legit have full faith that there is at least one here.

Spiritual thought this week is that Christmas is good! Remember to help people and what not.
I can't think of anything else to say.

And yeah, I think the kids have some sort of break here. Arraijan is already out but doesn't look like they are yet here.

Anyways love y'all! Pray for many new Kuna investigators for me.

Elder Green

Little Ngobe girl trying to eat my carrot tie.

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  1. Hi Elder Green,

    I hear about the awesome work you are doing
    Pres. Grasteit told me about your fishing and giving the fish to the members because you are not allowed to knock on doors after a certain time.

    We are proud of the work you are doing

    You, and the other Canoga Park Stake Missionaries are in our prayers!

    Best Regards

    Pres. Payne