Monday, December 12, 2016

"...when it comes to sharing the gospel we shouldn't be afraid of sharing it with potentially sketchy people..."


So yeah this area is pure hills. Hancock is still struggling but this is fun for me.

It's all uphill here in Las Mananitas!

It sounds like they've been working mostly with referrals for a while, so most of this area is new for contacting and that's all we've been doing. Had like 38 new investigators this week. Few were solid but there's still so much to explore. After we email today we're going to explore a place we found way up the mountain called La Colorada. It's just a neighborhood of stick houses and little corn fields.

And there's bucco Ngobes here but I have yet to find where all the Kunas are. I think there in a neighborhood at the bottom of the mountain and I hear there's a bunch in a part of town called Genesis. Only Genesis is just a long road up in the hills with a few houses on the side of the road every once in a while. But we did just have a baptism for a family from Mamartupu. We're working with the rest of the family and hoping to have like 4 more from there in the next two weeks. I gave a talk at the baptism all in Kuna and nearly shed a single tear!

Also I got sick again this week. Like super bad food poisoning. Totally nearabout passed out in the bathroom at church yesterday. I know it was some bacon I bought at a chino, but I'm back to normal.

The ward here is super solid and kind of decrepit, which is good because Arraijan was a little stressful with everyone doing things correctly. The bishop is awesome though. And yesterday in Elders Quorum we had an unplanned lesson on how to make a type of rice they eat around Christmas here.

This week was 'Dia de la Madre,' as well. We had lots of drunk people wanting to talk to us, but not so much when we went back two days later.

One day this week we were walking in an area called Nazareth, which is kinda wealthier, and there was a big house that had "Osama Bin Laden" and "Al Qaeda" painted really big across the front of it. We stared at it for a while then felt like we should go and contact it. Turns out it was just a nice lady whose parents were super inactive members and she hadn't been to church in like 25 years, and her daughters. And I guess her husband hates Americans so he painted that on the house. But they were super solid! So my spiritual thought this week is that when it comes to sharing the gospel we shouldn't be afraid of sharing it with potentially sketchy people because there are people who are prepared to hear it everywhere.

Love y'all!

Elder Green

Bathroom selfies are always a favorite!

New apartment

Yes, Kate we have hot chocolate in Panama.

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