Monday, December 19, 2016



We didn't have time to go looking for Kunas this week but we did find a family from Playon Chico right by our house and they say there's lots of Kunas right in our neighborhood too.

And I haven't gotten the Christmas package but I'll be in the office on the 23rd for the mission Christmas conference so I'll check then.

And we got a place to Skype so we´ll probably be going over there around 3:00 or so, but I don't know if Hancock wants to Skype first or last so I'll try to let you know beforehand.

On Christmas Eve we're going to the Kuna fam from Mamartupu´s house. A sister, who we just baptized, got diagnosed with cancer this week and there's like 10 of them in a tiny house so we figured they probably wouldn't have a lot of money so we invited ourselves over and we're bringing the food. We're also hoping to baptize her sister, who just came from the island recently, and her other daughter that day too.

Also, wild spiritual experience this week. So every morning at 10:00, everyone in the mission is supposed to say a prayer that all the missionaries will find people to teach, have the valor to talk to them, and that the Spirit will be there. And this last week we were supposed to add that people who were looking for the verdad (truth) would find us.

So we were exploring on the far end of our area, in Genesis, and we said that prayer before we went out looking for someone. Then we started walking up the mountain. We got kinda lost but a guy passed us and said "Elders!," then kept walking. So we stopped him and started talking. His name was Steven and he's from Colombia and is 19 years old and a member. He's only lived in Panama for like 4 months and went to church for a little while but hasn't in like 2 months. So we had him take us to his house which was like 20 more minutes up the mountain on a little dirt road. His mom was super excited to see us and said that it had been forever since missionaries had visited. They knew the Bishop and were good friends with him. So we talked with them a bit and invited them to church and the ward Christmas party on Saturday, and they came to both. They took us back down to the main road, in the back of their truck, after and Steven said when he passed us he was walking to the chino, which he almost never does because it's so far. I did the math and he literally must have started walking down from his house right when we said the prayer because we went walking for 20 minutes before we ran into him and it was 20 more minutes up the hill.

Legit bonkers that Henry is about to get home! He must be mad bummed.

Anyways, only took this one picture this week, and I'm not in it, but I'll try for more this week. We're going fishing today with the two boys from Mamar squad.

Love y'all

Happy Christmas Harry
Happy Christmas Ron

Elder Green

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