Monday, November 28, 2016

"See the Good"


Freak, I didn't even know it was Thanksgiving this week. I don't even know what month it is. I've been writing October in my journal for the last two weeks but I guess it's like November now. So yeah, we didn't do anything for it. I think I ate an entire pineapple for dinner that night.

This week a hurricane passed through Panama. We had no idea about that either. But it rained super hard for 22 hours straight and most of the next day. Not much wind or anything but the rivers were almost as high as the bridges. We still don't have a phone and somebody told us everyone in the ward was calling us to make sure we were inside...haha. We worked all that day and had 7 lessons. Didn't think it was that serious but turns out quite a few people died nearby because of trees and mountains falling on them, but it passed and it's back to the bloody heat.

'Baby Coco Party', aka district meeting.

And yeah our new house is wick. I eat a coco every morning for breakfast. That's where I got them for our baby coco party. It was just a district meeting and I've been slacking on the treats as of late, so I bajared a couple of those in the morning and everything was listo listo. A member lady, Hermana Granado, lives across the street and she's basically our mom. She invites us over to eat all the time and we wash our clothes there.

Our own Coco Tree in the back yard.  

And the little kitties are at the house of this old guy Luis who got baptised like a year ago but can hardly walk so he can't go to church, and he lives alone. So we visit him a lot and help him with things. Last night we went kinda late to go see him and one of the little cats had fallen inside of the chair they sleep on so we rescued it. Perfect timing.

Pile of cats

This week, like most weeks, I had a moment of extreme sadness missing my island life and my island people. And I was like, back in Carti I just walked around with a hymn book and a Libro de Mormon and it was prime. So I started doing that again this week and felt so free. We've been going around a new part of our area a lot, which is called San Jose, and is a proper Panamanian jungle ghetto. And due to the freedom of no bag, we were talking to hecka people and exploring a heckuva lot more. Lots of narrow little dirt paths that lead to houses way back in the trees. Down one we found a guy named Oscar who's 18 and lives with his wife and her little brother. Wicked little cinderblock house with dirt floors. These guys basically knew nothing about religion and what not so we taught them how to pray and everything and they may be solid.

Also had an unreal stressful day on Saturday trying to make a baptism happen. We told the Bishop and our ward mission leader that we were going to have one on Saturday but I guess they forgot and we couldn't get a hold of them all day Saturday. We were going to baptise the others from the Morris family that we baptised last week and we couldn't find the papers for the baptism of the dad Carlos who got baptised like 50 years ago in Carti. So we planned on baptising him too, but nothing worked out and we had to cancel it. They were all kinda bummed and we were hecka bummed. but I guess it's good because turns out we had to ask Salt Lake if they had his papers for baptism before we could re-baptise him. On Sunday, though, we were talking to a guy in another ward from Carti Tupile who said he was there when Carlos got baptised and he was like one of the first on the island to do it. And Carti was legit like the first area outside of the Canal Zone where they had baptisms in Panama. So gonna be legit if we get to redoit next week.

Spiritual thought this week is from a picture Joleen sent me in the MTC that I printed off and left on the wall on the island. It says "See the good." I had some times this week where all I could see was the frustrating, annoying stuff but I learned from some of our investigators who live in houses made of tin scraps that if you don't focus on the water coming in through the roof you realize how lucky you are to have a house at all.

Aurora Borealis? 

Love you all! And happy birthday to Fitz!

Still don't need anything from the states, but see if you could find a place for me to buy yucca and platano when I get back.

Elder Green

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