Monday, November 7, 2016

"...the Spirit speaks louder than we do..."


This week was kind of hard, but super solid.

Our scheduled baptisms still haven't happened, but hopefully this next week everyone will be back from the island and then we'll get them done.

Monday was Day of the Dead, Tuesday was Independance Day, and Wednesday was something like Flag Day...Panamanians like to celebrate. That's just three of like 50 holidays they have. But anyways this week there was a lot of partying and it started raining bucco, so half our area was flooded most of the time.

We were also supposed to have a lot of investigators in church this Sunday but they all said they slept in... hahah. We're still visiting the Ngobe family and they're super solid. The other night the wife asked if we could go teach her cousin, who lives nearby. And along with her we have two other Ngobe families we teach. I always ask them how to say things in Ngobe but never know how to write them. We're also planning on baptising the 18 year old son of the Colombian family in the next two weeks.

We had two service projects this week. One was with some recent converts of the Hermanas. We did a lot of macheteing and harvesting yucca. It's this beast root that you pull out of the ground. Nearabout lost my fingernails trying to dig them out...before I figured out how to do it.
And the other was for a Kuna family in the ward. The grandpa is the branch president of Ustupu and they're building on to their house, so we carried like 150 bags of sand for cement and a bunch of cinderblocks.

Last night I had the most spiritually guided house find ever, I think. I was super frustrated last change because my comp didn't want to go anywhere that had trees or dirt or anything like that, so basically we didn't work in most of our area. So far, this change, we've been working in all parts and exploring areas where we haven't been yet. So last night we were going down a street that I didnt know, and there was lots of music as usual, but I see a little bridge over a river and up the side of a hill into the forest, and I'm like 'boom it.' So we went back there and found a little house and the family came out and welcomed us in. They said they were Catholic but listened to everything we said and then we invited them to get baptised at the end. And there was like a minute of silence and it was 'awk' and I was going to say something but I didn't and then they agreed to be baptised and seemed super sure about it. So from that I learned that the Spirit speaks louder than we do, and if I had said something I probably would have cut the Spirit off from saying what they needed to hear or feel.

So this week we're going to keep looking for houses in the forest.

The pictures I sent this week were of flooded rivers and other parts of my area that have no name.
And we have a house...we're moving in on the 15th!

Love you!

Elder Green

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