Tuesday, September 13, 2016

"Also hating shoes."

My Stripling Warrior face.

So we had an awesome week in Carti. Finished the baptisms on Monday and it was another juicy Kuna Yala day. We still don't have very good baptism clothes so to baptize Mu, she had to wear the sacrament tablecloth as a skirt.

Getting ready for Mu's baptism.

On Tuesday, after visiting our investigators in Yandup, I was pretty stoked about them getting baptized, and way off in the distance, like miles away, there's a tiny little island with one house on it, and I was like dude are you down? So we asked people about it and they said it's called Isla Contadora. And nobody would let us go because it's too far away and dangerous. But we went. Took like an hour... and nobody even lives there! Kinda a bummer, but there was another tiny little pueblo like 20 minutes further called Nurdup, so we went there. We couldn't hear a sound, or see anybody on the island, so we thought nobody lived there either. But we paddled around it and to the first person we saw we yelled "anmar be visitarsoe!?", and they said yeah and pointed over to a little wooden dock. So we talked to like 5 women there, none of which spoke Spanish but luckily my Dule has been frosty. So we taught them all about the Libro de Mormon and they all agreed to read it if we brought them. We walked around the island a little more and saw maybe 4 more people. Literally nobody there, but maybe all the men were just in the monte or fishing. It is the only island in the entire Commarca that has a Jehovah's Witness church. But we planned to come back with a bunch of Mormon Kaiya Purba`s as soon as we get them.

Headed out to Isla Contadora

Nurdup Island

We found a tiny little river, on the way back, just a little wider than the cayuco, and we paddled like half a mile up it then ran around in the monte. So sick. Literally so much to explore here.

Don't have much other news except that I've been transferred to Arraijan...half training and a District Leader. I'm still a little upset. It's out of the city, though, and actually really cool here but leaving the island was probably the hardest thing I've ever done. I'm excited though. My new comps name is Elder Duron and he's from Honduras and is like 26. I think he's actually training me, because I've forgotten how to speak Spanish properly and be a normal missionary. We just had normal, uninterrupted study time for the first time in 6 months. It was so boring. There are lots and lots of trees here. Not quite the jungle, but super green. Arraijan is known for having bucco baptisms and especially right now so this will probably be another good change. And I hear there are lots of Kunas here, but I have yet to see one.

Also hating shoes.

Love you!

Elder Green

Goodbye Elder Ricks!

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