Tuesday, February 9, 2016

"Then I remembered the font!"


Well, we spent many hours yesterday looking for an internet place that was open, but there were none. So, after two more hours of looking today…we found one! Literally the entire city is like shut down for Carnival, everything’s closed, and nobody’s here. Literally like 5 people in the area today.

Anyways, I think we talked to like 2 Panamanians this week. Most of Viejo is Nicaraguans and we’ve started stealing part of the Hermanas area called Parque Lefevre and that’s mostly Venezuelans. Not a lot of lessons either! So we tried to do more service this week…if carrying people’s beer kegs for them counts. But we did do a heck of a lot of macheteing too. There’s a lady in the other Elder’s ward that has a legit jungle behind her house, so she asked us to come by. Her directions were clear. Get rid of everything. So were like heck yeah, this is going to be awesome. It was mostly Platano trees, which fall in one swing, so we just started destroying them. Then she came running out and said not the Platano trees! I guess by everything she meant the tall grass and weeds and what not. Not as fun. But it was really cool there. This is where the pictures of me in the tree and the shacks was.

My favorite service projects include a Machete.

Also Isai´s baptism! He’s 23, but Kuna’s are tiny so he looks a lot younger. The night before we were headed to dinner at like 7 and he called to tell us there wasn’t going to be any water the next day because of Carnival. I guess spraying people with water is more important than drinking it. But I was like, it’s all good, we’ve got juice. Then I remembered the font! After dinner we ran to the church and started filling it. Slowest font in Panama I swear. But luckily Elder Broadhead and Taylor came by and we started filling pots in the sink and dumping them in there. So we left the church pretty late, soaking wet, but it was super fun. We just had to hope the plastic bag that was our plug would hold.

Getting the font filled up before the water gets turned off.

The baptism went really well, the next day. Way more people showed up than we expected. And the water was still there. Also his sister Cesia agreed to be baptized. But not in a font. She wants to go back to San Blas to do it. But were going to see if she´ll settle for Veracruz, a town across the canal, where the beaches are actually clean. I think this was literally like the first convert baptism in the ward in like five years.

Oh and the picture of people holding things is my district after a meeting. The theme was “pots and what not,” but people grabbed flowers.

District picture.
Also bad news! Elder Taylor goes home in like two days. He dislocated his kneecap like a year ago and has just been ignoring it… but I guess he needs surgery now. So that means a replacement gringo for him in the house, and Broadhead’s probably training a new secretary, so another gringo. We hardly have room for us, I don’t know how were going to do it. But I’ll be here only one more change. We had interviews this week and President said more than 3 in my area is too much.

So everything’s good. And I got the package you sent. Also Hermana Smith called last night and said she’s going home in a week so I’m going to send some letters with her.

Love y’all! Thanks for everything.

Elder Green

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