Monday, February 22, 2016

"I guess they've never seen furry people before."

Hey! This week was awesome.

My new companion, Elder Varguez, and I are super good friends and work really good together. He’s from Yucatan, Mexico, and has arm hair which is good because the Kuna kids love pulling mine. I guess they’ve never seen furry people before.

Anyways, it only took two days for him to learn the area. Literally this place is so small. Every day we´ll walk end to end at least six times. But it’s good because we know most of the people and are friends with all the kids, so when we meet their parents it’s usually pretty easy to teach them. It can be quite boring though, so we started stealing parts of the secretary’s area now…which are pretty empty. Altos Del Golf is a super-rich area, it kind of looks like Calabasas. We’ve been praying to find just one person that will let us in. We’ve talked to 2 people and they told us to leave- haha. I think this is probably what a state’s mission feels like sometimes. We did, however, find the Italian and Korean Ambassadors houses, so that’s our next goal.

We tried another area next to the beach called Coco del Mar. Less rich and closed off, but still most of the people we talk to are just gardeners that live far away. But we found one guy who said we could come back. His name is Milton and he had a shirt with a fish on it, so I’m feeling pretty good about this one.

Los Diablos...the tricked out school buses that run the same route as the public buses...but are much more consistent.

Yesterday, after church we got two new investigators. One of them we’re sure is going to get baptized. His names Benjamin and he’s from Nicaragua. We´d tried visiting him a couple times before but he wasn’t there. But we taught him this time and it was awesome. To start the lesson we asked him who God was, and he said it was the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, all in one. So were like nahhhh, but well get to that later. And when we explained that they were separate beings, he was like, hold up, that makes way more sense, why are people saying that they’re one person?? Who thought of that? So we kept going and everything we said just made so much sense to him. Like that there are prophets today and that Jesus visited the Americas. At first he thought Jose Smith wrote the Book of Mormon but he didn’t even care, he was just stoked to read it. So that was fun. I hope he’s married so we don’t have to wait!

We also have a baptismal date for a girl named Kimberly, who’s a friend of a slightly less active member in the church. But she came once and said she wants to be a part of it. So hopefully next month!

Later last night, we went door to door on a street we don’t usually go down. And we never go door to door. But this time it totally worked and we set up a few lessons for the week. For this being such a tiny area it is full of lessons. I will be both extremely relieved and sad to leave it. Though after this change I am asking President to send me far from the city.

The church yesterday was full of mosquitos. And people yelling Zika!! It’s another disease that’s going around. I am freaking itchy everywhere, and it sucks.

All of the kids legs look like this because of so many mosquito bites. Mine are starting to look like that too!

 Anyways it’s been super fun with the new gringos in the house. I was told Elder Nelson will finish any song if you start it, and he has not failed yet. I tried to throw him off with country songs but he knows them all. He and Elder Young are nerds though and have really in depth nerd discussions about nerd things. But they are freaking awesome.

That’s it for this week. We’re not doing much for P-day today. All I’ve done so far is eat way too much bread.

Love y’all!

Elder Green

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